Point accrual:

Overall standings and age group standings will be calculated separately.

You will be competing against your age group AND overall standings.

For Overall Standings: You will be accumulating OVERALL POINTS based on your overall finish in the race.

Age Group Standings: You will also be accumulating AGE GROUP POINTS based on your finish within your age group (according to your Racing Age).

Race Bonus Points: You can receive bonus points on all 5 races even though you will only receive overall and age group points for your top 4 races.

Joe Davis Memorial Run 5k: 5 points
Greater Charlotte Health and Fitness 4 Miler: 10 points
The Village 10k: 15 points
Charlotte 10 Miler: 20 points
Charlotte RaceFest Half-Marathon: 25 points

NOTE:  Racing Age - Some race directors are giving awards based upon your age on race day. However, for series points calculation, your race age is based upon your age as of 12/31/2015. This prevents movement from one age group to another in the middle of the series.

Points are awarded on finish:
1st: 100 points
2nd: 99 points
3rd: 98 points
4th: 97 points
98th: 3 points
99th: 2 points
100th: 1 point
101st: 0 points
102nd: 0 points
103rd: 0 points

Example A: You race in a 5k and you finish 21st overall, but 4th in your age group, you will accumulate:
Overall Standings: 80 points
Age Group Standings: 97 points

Example B: You race in a 5k and you finish 120th overall, but 20th in your age group, you will accumulate:
Overall Standings: 0 points
Age Group Standings: 81 points

Series Awards:
Special awards to top 3 overall and top 1 masters
Age group winners get age group prize (only 1st place male and female)
Age group winner will be defined as the points leader in the age group
No double-dipping on prizes (overall winners get overall awards, but not age group awards). The first place age group award rolls down to the next person in the age group that didn't finish in the top 3 overall.

Dropping a race:
Races not ran will garnish zero points. Even if you signed up, you must run and finish the race to earn points.
You get to drop one race.

Changing Divisions:
If you are participating in one division, but would like to move to the other, you can do so with a 10 point deduction.

Breaking a tie:
If there is a tie in points, the tie will be broken by (in this order):
Whoever placed higher where the two racers competed in the same race
If multiple races were raced head to head, whoever garnished the most points of those races.
Should they have not competed head to head, whoever placed highest in the most recent race.